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March 5

5 ways your POS system can help to improve security and efficiency

Today’s electronic point of sale (POS) systems can help businesses to enjoy better security, efficiency and customer service in new ways. The latest systems are far more than simply digital cash registers; they have advanced features that offer added and fundamental value to the business. Let’s take a closer look: Reduced fraud POS systems allow the customer to stay in control of their payment data..Read More
March 1

The benefits of cloud-based PoS systems

One of the biggest recent developments in PoS technology is the ability to now host your system on the cloud. In fact, many of today’s leading systems are cloud-based and this offers a range of features and benefits to customers across all industries, including leisure, retail, banking, hospitality and ticketing. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to choose a cloud-based PoS system and..Read More
February 19

Which POS system should I use?

Today’s PoS systems offer powerful benefits that can easily justify a business case. Not only are they used in restaurants, shops and other customer-facing physical businesses, but they increasingly enable the delivery of sales transactions ‘on the go’, or in parts of the world where services need to be delivered flexibly and without a physical shopfront, for example, with banking services in rural parts of..Read More
February 5

How airlines can grow by effective cabin crew incentivisation

Cabin crew are the key contact point between the customer and the airline, managing the face-to-face interactions that can make or break a business’ reputation. But as the passenger begins to expect more from their journey, how can airlines help their staff meet these demands? Simon Pont, CEO of ECR Retail Systems, explains more in International Airport Review   <img width=”700″ height=”420″ src=”//” class=”attachment-large-rectangle size-large-rectangle..Read More
January 30

5 ways to increase retail sales using mobile POS technology

Mobile POS systems offer several key benefits to businesses who want to increase their sales and are particularly useful in the retail, leisure and hospitality, in-flight, restaurant and ticketing industries where the ability to move around to interact directly with the customer is a huge advantage. The costs of these systems are low, the technology is easy to adopt and there are significant benefits in..Read More
January 22

How an effective MPoS system can improve customer satisfaction

The maxim that the customer is always right applies to retailers, restaurants, travel services and other businesses, even as their traditional customer landscape continues to change drastically. The customer, wherever they are, expects less fuss at the checkout, no waiting for the bill, and no queueing for the only ticket machine at the station. Businesses large and small are adopting mobile point of sale systems..Read More
January 4

Happy New Year 2018! (After a great 2017 at ECR…)

Hello and a happy new year to all of our clients, old and new! 2017 has seen plenty to celebrate at ECR, having expanded our team and won some very exciting new business. We are delighted and proud to be providing systems now on board all of the Irish Rail Network for CCSL, having  previously covered the Belfast-Dublin route. Our Airlines team are also celebrating..Read More
November 28

How to boost sales with your POS during a slow season

It’s a sad truth that every retail business has its busy seasons and its slow seasons. Even mighty multinational behemoths like Amazon report a dip in sales in mid-June and early August. No matter how good your product is, no matter how alluring your store, nobody is immune from seasonal shift. However, there are ways to turn these natural dips and rises to your advantage,..Read More
November 28

How your POS system can be used to boost retail staff’s performance

A good quality Point of Sale system is essential for any retail business. However, you may be shocked to find that most businesses aren’t getting full use out of them. Beyond understanding the basics of operating your POS system, there are actually ways to help your staff get the most out of them and to improve their sales performance. To help bring you up to..Read More
November 23

ECR help create the ultimate guide to creating revenue streams in rail…

ECR are extremely proud to have contributed to the creation of this excellent guide. Especially for rail operators, do download your copy now to find out how you could create new revenue streams today…

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