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November 28

How to boost sales with your POS during a slow season

It’s a sad truth that every retail business has its busy seasons and its slow seasons. Even mighty multinational behemoths like Amazon report a dip in sales in mid-June and early August. No matter how good your product is, no matter how alluring your store, nobody is immune from seasonal shift. However, there are ways to turn these natural dips and rises to your advantage,..Read More
November 28

How your POS system can be used to boost retail staff’s performance

A good quality Point of Sale system is essential for any retail business. However, you may be shocked to find that most businesses aren’t getting full use out of them. Beyond understanding the basics of operating your POS system, there are actually ways to help your staff get the most out of them and to improve their sales performance. To help bring you up to..Read More
November 23

ECR help create the ultimate guide to creating revenue streams in rail…

ECR are extremely proud to have contributed to the creation of this excellent guide. Especially for rail operators, do download your copy now to find out how you could create new revenue streams today…
November 2

The importance of the payment experience for business success

In this latest issue of Finance Digest, we explore the importance of the modern payment experience for business success. As Businesses face increasing pressure to grow revenue, simultaneously the customer of today has high expectations when it comes to service and the overall experience,  regardless of where a transaction takes place. Join us as we look at how technology is able to help do just that…..Read More
October 3

The latest trends in POS technology that you need to know

As with all things rooted in technology, Point of Sale trends are continually changing and evolving as developments arise. 2017 is no exception, and the changes have been helping to shake up the retail and hospitality space. It is important for those who are operating within it to stay in the loop and ensure staff are trained appropriately. Here’s what you should be keeping an..Read More
October 2

Ticket Cab now open to new drivers

ECR Retail Systems have today announced an opening for 100 new drivers to take TicketCab – the mobile ticketing system that helps drivers generate much welcomed additional earnings. Following a highly successful pilot this summer, the software is now ready to deploy in force across London’s black cabs. TicketCab provides cabbies with handheld devices operating a unique visitor attraction ticketing system. The machines take payments and..Read More
October 2

Up close and personal

Take a look at our latest article, published in this month’s issue of Rail Professional as we look at how the rail industry can use business intelligence to drive customer service and growth… (see us on pp.89-90)
September 12

VIRGIN ATLANTIC WIFI ANNOUNCEMENT – Good news but what’s next for customer experience and airline growth?

We  are pleased to see the recent announcement by Virgin Atlantic that it has introduced WiFi on all its flights, making it the first airline in Europe to offer in-flight WiFi across its entire fleet of 39 aircraft, with passengers able to remain connected shortly after take-off until shortly before landing. However, we at ECR Retail Systems, believe that the airline industry needs to do even more..Read More
August 22

The future of MPoS in Rail…

A Global Railway Review Blog: The future of mobile point of sale in rail For Global Railway Review, Simon Pont, CEO of ECR Retail Systems, discusses the changes to payment technologies, specifically with mobile point of sale systems, and how the rail industry can fully utilise these new technologies to not only enhance passenger experience but to also drive business growth. Read the full article..Read More
August 22

Customer Experience is Key…

The airline industry is facing pressure to innovate and improve profitability.  To address this growth challenge, progressive airlines are implementing different ways to drive ancillary revenue.  This approach has led some to ask whether customer service has a role to play, or is it about price?  For some, a sole focus on price is the differentiator, but for others, the customer experience remains the overriding..Read More

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