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The new airline point of sale solution designed for maximising in-flight ancillary revenue

AirPoS offers airline on-board retailers the ability to easily create an in-flight sales experience that is both efficient and effective for crew and passengers alike.

Following successful operations with World Duty Free, Virgin Trains East Coast and Irish Railways, ECR recognised the opportunity to offer the benefits of our mobile PoS technology to the airline on-board retail industry: a technology proven to enhance the level of customer service whilst maximising sales revenues and protecting margins. In addition AirPoS makes the entire process of managing and running an in-flight retail service much simpler.

AirPoS delivers in-flight retailers the same level of visibility and control as ground based retailers in a point of sale system that is specifically tailored to the difficult and uncompromising in-flight environment. The direct benefits are an increase in in-flight sales and a reduction in costs.

And now, ECR have also developed the ECRGo2, the industry’s first fully-certified, all-in-one contactless, handheld mobile point of sale (MPoS) device for the airline industry.

This new MPoS terminal enables airlines to reduce the number of devices currently required to take payments and enables airlines to meet VISA and MasterCard’s contactless mandate, which states that merchants accepting payments from these payment networks must establish contactless payments as standard by the end of 2019.

The fully mobile, web-enabled ECRGo2 combines a 2D barcode reader; a card reader (pin entry device) that accepts all payment types including mobile wallet options such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal, plus chip and pin, and swipe and sign payments; a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen; and an on-board, silent thermal printer, in one secure, attractive, lightweight and portable payment terminal for the airline industry.

The ECRGo2 has been designed to utilise the benefits of Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise and can communicate via WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth.  It meets all necessary security and payment standards, and is EMV levels 1 and 2 and PCI certified. The ECRGo2 runs ECR’s unique AirPoS software and means that the system can be used as a wider strategic business tool that provides smart analytics about in-flight retail trends for marketing, logistics and customer service teams.


  • The PoS airline system is fully PCI levels 1 and 2 compliant and EMV approved. It is designed to accept payments in cash (in multiple currencies if required), and via EMV chip based transactions.
  • Sales data is transmitted to Head Office at regular intervals throughout the day, offering a clear view of live sales at a glance via our Dashboard Reporting Module.
  • Each in-flight PoS device carries a local database which is updated daily to ensure devices are fully functional when a GPRS signal cannot be received.
  • Credit card payments can be taken offline when network connection is not available.
  • Our Back Office Software allows end users to run their business with ease and efficiency.
  • Devices are capable of storing over 500,000 tickets in an SQL database.
  • The system is suitable for small business through to enterprise level operations.

What our clients say

“Since the introduction of the ECR system we have seen a marked upturn in sales and profits.”

Kevin Dyson – EPoS Manager, Big Bus Tours