A Fast, Reliable and Secure Mobile Payment Device

The secure mobile POS XPDA-V has been designed and developed for superb transaction speed and payment security on-the-spot. Complying with the PCI-PED 2.0 secure standard, The XPDA-V is a secure payment device, delivering enhanced security for each transaction, ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is encrypted immediately upon presentation to the device.

The XPDA-V PoS device has the ability to process any type of payment card transaction – whether it be cash, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards or even coupons; while eliminating the need for multiple payment terminals. By integrating a card reader, 1D/2D scanner, printer, WLAN and a powerful processor into a single device, the XPDA-V allows you to combine all operation processes in stores; point-of-sale, receipt printing, inventory management, order tracking and even promotional activities by analyzing purchase patterns of customers. Shipped with Embedded Window CE5.0 operating system, the XPDA-V can be compatible with a variety of value-added software to interoperate diverse in-store and in-field applications. Furthermore, multiple wireless connectivity options (GSM/GPRS/EDGE or Wi-Fi) enable you to stay online at all times. It delivers new financial benefits to customers within a highly mobile payment gateway.

Whether you need to accelerate payment processes, reduce operational costs or enhance the security level in your transactions, the all-in-one secure mobile POS XPDA-V can address all of these requirements anywhere, anytime without the need for any further hardware.

Barcode Scanner

An integrated 1D/2D Barcode Scanner capable of reading the popular QR code format

Magnetic Swipe Reader

Integrated magnetic swipe reader capable of reading track 1 and track 2. This allows for applications to read data such as Financial Cards and US Driving Licenses.

Chip & Pin Reader

Integrated Chip & Pin Reader provides the ability to read the EMV global standard of integrated circuit (IC) cards for the authentication of credit and debit card transactions.

Secure Handstrap

A handstrap is integrated within the unit to provide the operator a degree of comfort and security.

Capacitive Touchscreen

The capacitive touchscreen provides quick navigation through an application and an integrated stylus is included.

Thermal Printer

An integrated thermal printer allows for the use of the device in numerous industries and environments; from direct PoS such as airline trolleys, to a street based agent ticketing system.