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Mobile Banking PoS

ECR's unique mobile banking solution taking banks to their customers, where it matters most.

Comprising an all in one integrated system using best of breed mobile point of sale terminals, wireless technology and powerful back-end servers, the banking PoS system offers complete transparency and traceability, vital for both government and private sector businesses.

At the back end of this system is a reporting tool, which provides seamless information at the touch of a button.

ECR’s industry-leading mobile banking technology helps deliver secure end-to-end revenue collections made across Ghana for First National Bank.

Collectors are equipped with an ECR XPDA – a handheld PoS terminal with integrated banking software, built-in printer and GPRS connectivity. First National branch managers are also provided with real-time updates of all revenues being collected. Clients making a deposit can also rely on the convenience and trustworthiness of handing over money at their home or small business with the certainty the transaction has been made securely and reliably.

ECR’s mobile PoS banking system has addressed concerns over the legitimacy of deposits made via agents, with banks unable to trace whether specific transactions had occurred. Agents would potentially return to the branch to declare their daily transactions without certainty about what had been collected.

The ECR mobile banking PoS system has removed this complication and is eliminating fraud. It produces a live electronic record of the transactions that have been made by each collector in real time, while customers are issued with a printed receipt detailing the amount they have deposited. This development has had a dramatic effect on how Ghanaians conduct their banking affairs and is leading the banking evolution across the 12 regions within the country.

Banking PoS System Features

The ECR head office application allows operators to both control and manage staff at the touch of a button.

Stakeholders can view financial revenue information in real-time across the world, offering an accurate view of the current and forecasted situation at any given time.
The banking and cash control system eliminates any shrinkage problems by highlighting any fraudulent activity. The money collected can be tracked through the business process via a simple but effective mobilizer cash-up facility.

Mobilisers can be added, amended and deleted from the system simply and easily. Any mobiliser activity can be controlled and monitored directly from the branch and head office system.
Back Office users may be controlled by password and access permissions allowing restricted access and high security across the entire network.

Cube reporting gives accurate and up to date information at the touch of a button. We can provide completely tailored cube reports according to your individual business requirements. The reports can be delivered to stakeholders at a pre-defined schedule allowing them to slice and dice the information offering specific and accurate data presented in the manner and style required by each individual.

What our clients say:

“The ECR revenue management system has enabled the bank to get full visibility of our operations and customers and our mobilisers now all insist on using the terminal because of the speed and ease of use.”

Hilda Nkansa – First National Bank


  • Intel Quad Cord 1.44GHz processor
  • 2Gb RAM and 16Gb storage
  • 720 x 1280 pixel display
  • 5 inch capacitive multipoint Touch Panel
  • High speed thermal printer
  • RFID, ISO 14443 Type A/B, read-write capable
  • 1 and 2D barcode scanner
  • Hot swap battery and 9V mains charger
  • Card payments via integrated Miura PED: PCI PTS V3.0 Certified including Open Protocols and SRED UKCC. EMV Level I & Level II Certified (Level II off-line / on-line PIN support).
  • Embedded Contactless Reader ISO 14443 A/B & NFC support
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