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New! The ECR GoFree

ECR brings you the world’s first fully certified, contactless all-in-one terminal. The absolute latest in mobile payment technology.

The very latest in onboard technology, the GoFree is the first compact handheld terminal of its kind, designed specifically for the onboard environment, and with inbuilt Miura PED.
The GoFree is the most compact device that ECR provides, with the same full Windows 10 capability of the Go2, which was the industry’s first fully-certified, all-in-one contactless, handheld mobile point of sale (MPoS) device.

The new GoFree devices can communicate seamlessly with the Go2’s inbuilt printer, or with a small, standalone receipt printer for any operations that require it and fully support e-receipts.
With ECR’s GoFree device, using ECR’s own software, crew are now able to take contactless payments anywhere in the world, even in an offline environment, unlike other systems only able to satisfy contactless demands when online.

Beyond the offline contactless capability, the main advantage of the GoFree is its size, having been designed around the convenience of e-receipts, lighter weight and a slimline shell. The devices are small enough to be comfortably held by crew and weigh considerably less than typical EPOS terminals.

The GoFree device has excellent battery life and is simple to charge with a small charger cable. It carries all PCI and EMV certification and is ready-to-deploy. The large touchscreen and Windows 10 technology ensures long-term support and lifespan.

The GoFree device is designed and manufactured by ECR Retail Systems. It features an inbuilt scanner, Miura PED and has all the robustness and functionality of the ECRGo2, which has received extremely positive feedback and performed well since its launch in 2017.


  • Intel Quad Cord 1.44GHz processor
  • 2Gb RAM and 16Gb storage
  • 720 x 1280 pixel display
  • 5 inch capacitive multipoint Touch Panel
  • 1 and 2D barcode scanner
  • 4G and wifi connectivity
  • Card payments via integrated Miura PED: PCI PTS V3.0 Certified including Open Protocols and SRED UKCC. EMV Level I & Level II Certified (Level II off-line / on-line PIN support).
  • Embedded Contactless Reader
  • Dimensions 152.3 (L) x 83.88 (W) x 37.65 (H)
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