ECR Retail Systems

Air Malta

Air Malta have chosen ECR to provide AirPoS as their in-flight point of sale solution.

The MPoS solution has been specifically developed in house at ECR for the airline industry. Both client and ECR teams are working together to deliver the onboard solution for launch in July 2018.

The airline deploys 30 Go2 all-in-one handheld terminals across the fleet of A320 and A321 aircraft.

The system is fully supported by a dedicated helpdesk team, who have provided training to deliver the client with as much information as needed to manage all aspects of the system from appearance to functionality.

The hand-held terminals are an ECR design and manufactured exclusively for us. Developed for the on-board environment specifically, they are fully PCI compliant and can accept multiple payment types including contactless and any number of currencies, all via the same unit.

The Go2 offers a future-proof system that can work seamlessly with loyalty programmes and passenger experience functionality as and when they are introduced.


At Head Office, data is collected from every journey, and every sale, presenting the client with huge possibilities for data mining supporting all aspects of the business, sales projections, marketing and stock management to name but a few. The FlexMonster reporting tool delivers data in formats that present users with tailor-made reports and facilitate management across the onboard operation.

With the connectivity moving smoothly between wifi and 4G, when an online environment is available, crews need not worry about transmitting data, and Head Office staff are confident that all data they receive is near-real time as possible as soon as the aircraft reaches the terminal.