ECR Retail Systems


We help airlines to increase profit, engage crews & deliver the best in customer experience.

AirPoS offers a proven and streamlined solution for the very best in onboard retail, stock control and logistics, crew management, and inflight ancillary revenue management.

Enhanced with our latest passenger pre-ordering solution launched in 2021, we bring you the most comprehensive AirPoS system to date – minimising person to person contact, and running on any device. With both at-seat and pre-ordering, AirPoS ASO is covid-secure by design and ready to serve you and your passengers.

We truly understand the challenges surrounding onboard sales and stock management and have helped airline clients transition successfully to buy on board as well as migrating from existing systems.

AirPoS Pre-Ordering and At-Seat App

Feature Detail
Enables your passengers to place orders at time of booking and prior to their journey.
Instant purchasing
Passengers can purchase from their own devices. Define products you wish to offer whilst in-flight, for delivery to seat. Entirely crew-controlled.
Contact-free and Covid-secure
Minimise face to face interaction. Speed sales with simple ordering interface.
Order tracking
Ensures visibility as orders are placed, accepted, prepared and delivered.
Live updates and user controls
Putting control into the hands of you and your crew, so that the system is fully managed and monitored.
Menu browsing
Items displayed with photographs, relevant information and even tailored offers and incentives.
Real-time Availability
At any point in time from any location product, service and other functions and availabilities can be updated.
Your Branding
The ECR Retail In-Hand app is fully branded to your requirements.
Customer account
Invite your passengers to create profiles, store preferences, browse and purchase. Present offers and discounts, tailor your offer to the individual and build your own comprehensive database.