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EPoS systems that take you further
than you ever thought possible

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Understanding your business is what drives ours.

Whether your business is in road, rail, air, or firmly on the ground, we understand your challenges and we have just the solution for you!


With thousands of installations over 45 years in business, ECR have never failed on a delivery.
PoS Solutions

We help our clients understand their customers, and deliver convenience, value and choice at every touchpoint. Our clients grow revenue and benefit from our fully end-to-end solutions.


Why Choose ECR Retail Systems?

We are reliable

In over 45 years we have never failed on a delivery.

We are innovation

With our own design and development both in software and hardware. Everything we do is unique.

We are online

We go a long way beyond just MPoS, we also offer online ordering, ticketing, booking apps etc...

We are offline

When on the move, sometimes connectivity just isn't always possible. We have it covered.


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About us

Founded in 1973 ECR are one of the oldest EPoS providers in the world. For over four decades our systems have been deployed in the Retail, Transport, Hospitality, Ticketing, Leisure and Banking industries, across four continents.

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