Secure mobile PoS XPDA-S

Multi-purpose, cost-effective Device

XPDA-S is an All-in-One mobile PoS device revolutionarily integrated with a high-tech 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, magnetic card reader, smart card reader, optional contactless reader, GPS and RFID technology, an easy-load thermal printer, LCD touch screen as well as multiple connectivity options like GSM/GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi, based on Window operating system.

The XPDA-S point of sale device has the ability in processing any type of payment cards transaction whether cash, credit, debit, loyalty, contactless or even coupons while eliminating the additional needs for multiple payment terminals. Contactless payment to the point-of-sale provides significant advantages for quick service at restaurants, supermarkets, movie theatres, drug stores, sports venue and other spots where speed and convenience are essential to maximizing revenue during peak hours. By integrating card readers, scanner, printer, WLAN and high computing processor in a single device, the XPDA-S PoS terminal allows you to combine all operation processes in stores; point-of-sale, receipt printing, inventory management, order tracking and even promotional activities by analyzing purchase patterns of customers. Embedded Window CE operating system, XPDA-S can be compatible with a variety of value-added software to interoperate diverse in-store and in-field applications. In addition, optional RFID Technology or GPS provides you with greater visibility into your inventory and easier control of your asset tracking in real-time while reducing overall labor costs.

With this fully feature-packed, secure PoS terminal, your transaction will not only be free from any restraints of time or place but you will also achieve improved operational efficiencies whether you are in store or out in the field.