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AirPoS. The purpose-designed answer to in-flight retail, CX, and maximising ancillary revenue.
AirPoS, from food & drink to seat upgrades, attraction tickets to inflight movies, we make it so easy and fast to start selling.

Created specifically for the airline industry, AirPoS software has been built around the on-board experience.

It is designed to operate in the unique offline environment as well as online where available with seamless transition, delivering reliability and speed to the user.
We understand that your crews need to depend on their EPoS system to manage stock, sales, and enquiries. Equally, it is vital that your head office retains a complete visibility over operations from delivery to the aircraft through sales and stock movement and finally to destocking.

AirPoS takes you further still. With options to integrate with IFE systems, passenger profiles, loyalty and CRM, the solution is truly with you at every touchpoint in the passenger journey.

We can help your passengers to pay for onboard movie downloads or magazines to read on their own devices, for items ordered at-seat, paid for quickly and simply.

Spare seats in Business? ECR can enable your passengers to purchase seat upgrades delivering you maximum ancillary revenue and ensuring your customer service is second to none.

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  • Intuitive and clear user interface
  • Fully modifiable through a straightforward back office
  • Cloud-based offering ease of access to head office users
  • Data pushed as soon as connectivity becomes available ensuring as near real-time data as possible
  • Accepts all payment types, card, cash, contactless, voucher
  • Vast range of options for passenger offers, upselling and permissions-based sales tools for your crews
  • Stock management
  • Integration with your logistics operations
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